Wednesday, December 21, 2017

WETS Australian Aboriginal

Here's my WETS Australian Aboriginal Warrior figure with war paint, spear, boomerang and dead Wallaby (small Aussie animal ... like a miniature Kangaroo!) 
Available painted in GLOSS or MATT or as an unpainted kit.


  1. RIP Craig... You will be sadly missed!
  2. Craig Pearse was one of life's true gentlemen and it with immense sadness that we acknowledge his untimely passing. Craig's passion for Toy Soldiers was boundless and reflected in his tireless enthusiasm for sculpting, painting and displaying his own Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers as well as collecting many other lines of miniatures. I knew Craig for many years and he was for me a true inspiration for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of 54mm model soldiers. Whenever I visited his home he would show me his latest acquisition which would be proudly displayed in one of several glorious glass fronted cabinets. I recall fondly his absolute delight for his lovely collection of Trophy Toy Soldiers including a very impressive collection of Trophy artillery models. It was only this year that Craig began to collect King and Country and I remember the absolute excitement he exhibited when he got to meet with Andy Neilson of King and Country earlier this year.

    Craig was a Police Sergeant with the Victoria Police and served the people of Maryborough the town where he lived. He was extremely competent in his job and highly respected by both his police colleagues and the people of Maryborough. As you can imagine his day job came with great challenges and stresses, but Craig was a lucky man for in Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers he had the perfect counter to those stresses. After a hard days toil Craig would delight in losing himself in the world of Wilson Edward where he would meticulously assemble, undercoat, paint, pack and dispatch multitudes of delightful toy soldiers to his growing legion of customers around the world. Craig, along with his brother Jason, established Wilson Edward Toy Soldiers about ten years ago and built the business from the ground up. I can honestly say that Craig's total dedication to his Toy Soldier business would leave me in awe. He seemed to possess tireless energy and his love of the hobby never ever diminished.

    Craig's passion was for things Australian and he produced a vast line of Australian First World War figures as well as other figures from Australian history such as the Eureka Stockade and Bushrangers. I had the privilege to sculpt some of these latter figures and working with Craig was a true pleasure. Amongst the ever growing lines of models Craig also produced a wonderful line of figures for the Boxer Rebellion.

    It was with the greatest personal pleasure to see him establish his Wilson Edward Blog earlier this year after I had introduced him to the magical world of Blogging. Craig simply thrived on letting everyone know what he was up to with his toy soldiers. It was a mark of his true generosity of spirit that he opened his Blog to other toy soldier enthusiasts to share images of their models.

    Craig Pearse was a very close and personal friend. I will miss him immensely as I am sure his passing will be equally regretted by all those people who ever got to know him either personally or through Wilson Edward toy soldiers.

    Vale Craig the world has lost a good man.
  3. Craig brought the "Aussie Digger" to the attention of the Model Soldier World,,,His ALH figures were the only one I saw on the net ( I have several).. until K&G released their figures this year..I prefer Graig's ALH figures,,,,in the word's of an old digger " He was an officer and a will be sure'ly missed
  4. Miss you mate...
  5. Has WETS ceased trading.....No answer to Email
  6. WETS is on hold at the moment while Jason considers the future of the business. Please do not make any new orders until further notice.
  7. Hello every-one.

    I am Craigs partner Leesa. Without Craig there is unfortunately no WETS as Craig was the only maker and painter. Craig soley operated the business from our home in Maryborough. I will keep you all informed as to what descision is made.
    1. I bought my first WETS figure some ten years ago and became a blogger in August 2017.Craig published my photos & we exchanged some emails since then. Even with such brief contact I regarded him as a friend and extend my sympathy to his family.I can only hope they can overcome the difficulties ahead and find some way to continue Craig's legacy.
      WETS has contributed much to the toy soldier world with many innovative ideas.
      Aussie Collector Bob.
  8. 86065 visitors to WETS since March 2017......what a tribute to a one Man operation
  9. I learnt a lot from Craig, and although half a world apart in Latin America, his kindness and enthusiasm will be heavily MISSED.
    Artillery_Crazy aca Luiz Fleury

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