Thursday, April 7, 2017

WETS Victoria Police Range

Here's a selection of models from my Victoria Police Range.  The beautiful drum horse "Gendarme" was made by the one and only Alan Caton and is the pride of the WETS fleet.  This range is very close to my heart as I've been a serving member of the force for the past 28 years, with more than a couple of battle scars to prove it!  As usual, all the models pictured here are available GLOSS or MATT painted or as unassembled and unpainted kits for those who like to make and paint their own models.   

"Gendarme" - Victoria Police Band Drum Horse C.1975  
Feeding Gendarme
Shrine Guard C.2000
Mounted Branch C.1970
Pipe Band - Piper C.1985 
SOG - Special Operations Group C.2000
Summer Dress C.2000
Winter & Summer C.2000

Highway Patrol Motorcycle

Highway Patrol Pursuit Vehicle

Public Order Unit (Riot Squad)

Mounted Branch in Riot Order

Critical Incident Response Team

Special Operations Group 

Shrine Guard

Gendarme III

Graduation Parade

Air Wing

The all purpose Divisional Van ... the workhorse

The 1930's


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