Saturday, May 7, 2017

Britains GLOSSY Toy Soldiers & Treefrog Treasures Forum

John in the USA has a very impressive collection of Britains GLOSSY figures and recently posted pics of his collection on the Treefrog Treasures Toy Soldier Forum.  Looks like  a few Trophy and other bits and pieces in there too and these guys look like they are ready to repel anything!    

The Treeforg Forum is a great on-line place to converse with other collectors,  post pics of your own collection and keep up with all the latest gossip in the hobby.  Treefrog is based in the USA and is also one of the biggest and best on-line toy and model soldier retailers with a very user friendly website.  They stock all the BIG brands and some of the smaller ones and supply to collectors worldwide.  

Check out Treefrog Treasures Toy & Model Soldier Forum and on-line Retail Shop:


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