Friday, May 27, 2017

Building a large scale ANZAC from clay by Tom

From 75 year old ex Aussie Digger Tom comes his step by step guide to building a large scale 90-100mm figure from clay. Tom has decided to make an Australian WWI Infantryman (ANZAC) which he's very kindly going to send to me upon completion.

Stage 1. Toms uses a self hardening clay called 'Fimo' which he builds up over a wire armature. Tom started the figure at the legs and used various hobby tools to shape and carve the boots and puttees. He then roughed out the basic shape and bulk of the head and torso and while this was drying he made couple of sand bags, using crushed silver aluminium foil as a filler.


Stage 2. The torso was then joined to the legs and the overall body shape evened out with some more clay before the whole assembly was allowed to dry.

Stage 3. Tom has improved the overall shape and proportion of the figure with additional clay, bulked up the trousers and added creases. He has improved the head and added hair then moved onto the creation of the tunic by adding and shaping/carving additional clay before adding creases and a collar. Tom tells me more detail to the tunic is next, followed by webbing and then the the arms which he says are the hardest part to get right. 

Stage 4. Tom has improved the tunic by adding pockets and buttons and tidied up and shaped the tunic collar.  He's also added the slouch hat and puggarree.  Tom apologies for the average quality of his pics but he's battling with the settings on his digital camera and hopes to rectify this soon.  He's actually sending the completed figure to me so I'll photograph it with some clarity and post it here for all to see.  

Stage 5. Tom is making great progress now and has added 1908 pattern webbing equipment, back pack, blanket roll, canteen and bayonet and scabbard.  He's also added a chin strip to the slouch hat and tidied up the painting.  Next up will be the arms, a .303 rifle and a German helmet, which I assume he'll be holding.   

Stage 6. Tom has added the arms, rifle and German Stalhelm helmet and finished off the painting completing the figure from beginning to end in a week.  Tom tells me the figure is already on it's way to me in the post and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh and getting some more pics.     

BELOW: A few of Tom's finished clay models in various scales

Australian Light Horse troopers and SAS vehicle

Australian Light Horse Trooper attacks Turkish trench

Charge of the Australian Light Horse @ Beersheba

Toms work bench


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