Tuesday, May 3, 2017

JG MIniatures model scenery ... simply superb!

I already own some lovely pieces of JG model scenery which I display with my own toy and model soldier collection and recently placed an order for a few more items from their catalogue.  Here's a couple of pics of my order which arrived today.  John Gittens from the UK is the talented man behind the brand and IMO he makes some of the best 54mm scenery money can buy. 

John's prices are very reasonable, especially with the strong Aussie Dollar at the moment, so my advice is "buy" a couple of pieces for yourself and you will not be disappointed.   

I also have some more JG items on order, including a couple of their new scenic mats, and will post pics when they arrive.

Check out JG Miniatures scenery at www.jgminiatures.com


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