Sunday, May 22, 2017

Australian Uniforms: PART 5 - Tasmanian Light Horse

Trooper, Tasmanian Light Horse C.1880. This uniform was worn during the unit’s brief existence. The helmet is a colonial pattern covered with white drill.  White metal fixtures are used and the falling plume is black horsehair. The jacket has dark blue facings on the collar and cuffs, and as piping down the front.  White cords are attached to the shoulders. A black pouch is carried on the back, supported by the cross belt. Blue breeches are worn with Butcher boots, the former having two white stripes down each outer seam. Apart from the sword illustrated, the unit also carried carbines. The undress pillbox cap was blue with a white cap band and top button. This illustration is taken from a description supplied by David Wyatt and a small ‘bust’ photograph of an officer.

Corporal, Tasmanian Mounted Infantry C.1901This uniform was worn from the late 1890s to 1902. This junior NCO wears the felt hat without plume, for general duty. The jacket is as worn by the previously illustrated Officer but without the silver lace and piping embellishments.  Silver lave rank chevrons, on red backing, have been stitched to the right sleeve. Over the left shoulder he carries a 1889 pattern ammunition bandolier, which holds rounds for his Martini Henry rifle. His breeches are tucked into long puttees, worn over ankle boots. Below is an illustration of the rear of the jacket, showing the ammunition bandolier.  A waist belt has been added with the sword bayonet hanging behind the left hip. The front clasp of the belt was the ‘snake’ version.

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