Sunday, May 22, 2017

Australian Uniforms: PART 6 - Tasmanian Artillery & Rifles

Sergeant, Tasmanian Permanent Artillery C.1889. This uniform was worn during the late 1880s and 1890s. When formed, the Permanent Artillery adopted the uniform of the Imperial Artillery. The helmet bears brass fixtures and unit badge attached to the front. The jacket is traditional artillery with its blue ground and red facings. On the shoulder straps are in the Tasmanian tradition, piped with grenade badge and unit title. On the right sleeve are stitched the rank insignia in gilt lace with red backing. Sergeants and above, of the artillery, wore a gun above the chevrons. The Engineers also wore an additional badge, they wore a grenade. A waist belt with brass TDF buckle is worn, with artillery trousers.

Private, Launceston Rifle Regiment C.1896. This uniform was worn from the 1890s, and into the 1900s. This Private wears the complete uniform and equipment for field training. His helmet is the standard pattern for the Rifles. His jacket is a version of the undress pattern with additional piping on the cuffs and shoulder straps. The collar remains white and bears the lion badges of the colony. Over the jacket is worn a complete set of 1871 Valise equipment in white leather, with haversack and water bottle carried over the right and left shoulders respectively. His standard trousers are tucked into leather anklets. He carries a Martini Henry rifle.

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