Sunday, May 22, 2017

Australian Uniforms: PART 3 - Transvaal

Private, 1st Contingent for South Africa C.1900. This uniform was worn when the unit embarked for South Africa. The felt hat has a dark, probably blue, pleated puggaree. The left brim is turned up and attached to the crown. The jacket is, unusually, dark blue serge with a stand collar and chest pockets.  Over it is carried a full set of 1882 valise equipment, including white canvas haversack and water bottle, the latter over the left shoulder. Very light or white trousers are worn with long blue puttees and ankle boots. This Private is armed with a 0.303in Magazine Lee Enfield rifle and short bayonet. The officers of the unit wore a very similar uniform with the Sam Browne belt replacing the valise system. Once in South Africa a khaki uniform was issued to the unit, as the one illustrated was not suitable for active service.

Lance Corporal, 3rd Bushman's Contingent, South Africa C.1901. This uniform was worn of embarkation for South Africa. This junior NCO wears a Victorian style felt hat with the right brim turned up and held in place by a cord attached to a lion's head hook. The puggaree is plaited as opposed to pleated or folded. The jacket is also Victorian in style with its rounded chest pocket flaps.  The only colour being the red lace rank chevron on the upper sleeve. Over the left shoulder is carried a 1889 ammunition bandolier, and around the waist a simple belt with 'snake' clasp. The cord breeches are tucked into long blue puttees, worn with ankle boots. He carries a Martini Metford rifle and short bayonet.

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