Saturday, May 28, 2017

Victorian Park C.1900 in 54mm scale

Here's a couple of pics of a simple little Victoria era Aussie park scene I'm playing around with to eventually form another display option for some of my Australian Colonial range.  The base is a piece of timber covered with grass matting, the path is model railway ballast and the brick edging is Hudson & Allen bricks all secured with white glue.  The scenery is all by JG Miniatures and the figures are a mixture of a couple of WETS models, some Sarum figures and a sitting Trophy fellow.  The scene is far from finished but the pics will give you an idea of what I'm trying to achieve in a limited space.  My favourite piece is the beautiful water fountain by JG Miniatures and sadly no longer in production.  I'll post more pics as the scene develops and more WETS figures make their way into the park.


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