Monday, May 16, 2017

WETS Irish RUC Officer C.1975

WETS Irish RUC Officer C.1975 
Available painted GLOSS or MATT or as a kit

WE-MW-10 Royal Ulster Constabulary Officer (RUC)
@ Belfast C.1975  
‘Urban Security Dress’


  1. Hi, Just a few words in relation to the RUC officer 1975 a number of correction are required. The photo I am looking at shows a brown gun belt etc, the RUC always wore black belt and holster kit. At that time the issue handgun was the Walther PP 9mm and was usually concealed. Also the RUC did not wear their trousers in that manner in city patrol it was only in rural areas and then it was not a common practice. The SLR is correct for rural patrol but not urban. The only units of the RUC that had SLR's at that time were certain border stations and the Special Patrol Group. The body armour is correct but it was replaced by a black ballistic armour commonly called th "Turtle shell" as that is what is was like. If you would like to more please contact me.

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