Sunday, September 25, 2017

Sunday morning on the WETS workbench

Spurred on by a few customers (Luiz, Wayne & Brian), I've delved deep into the WETS spares box and created a WWI Australian (or British) artillery crew for the WETS 13 and 18 pounder field guns.  I've made the crew with separate heads so variations of head ware can be portrayed including slouch hats, service caps and even bare headed.  I've also made two versions of the sitting gunner, one wearing shorts and other in trousers and puttees, so with some head swaps different theatres of war can be represented, ie: Gallipoli, The Middle East and Europe.

Moulds will be made next week so I should have some gleaming new castings soon.  I'll post some pics of the painted crew manning the WETS 18 pounder next month.     


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