Tuesday, October 11, 2017

"Bail up at Kelly's Rock" ... Part 1

After recently finishing his magnificent pirate ship, Aussie Tom has started on a new 54mm scale project this month. Tom's new scene will be titled "Bail up at Kelly's Rock" and will be a 60cm by 30cm diorama set deep in the Australian bush in the 1880's and involve a gold laden stage coach being "bailed up" by some rugged looking Aussie Bush rangers.

Tom used some stiff cardboard for the base before layering on some newspaper dipped in a weak mix of flour and water to make it stick making it very strong when dry. This is the classic 'paper mache' method. When the newspaper was dry, Tom covered it with his legendary icing sugar and white method, forming groundwork and rocks and covering and shaping the trees which were simply twigs from his garden. Tom then added made some grass using bristles from an old brush before letting the whole thing dry for a day or two and then applying a nice thin base coat of water based paint.


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