Thursday, June 30, 2017

Britains Grenadier Guards Drum & Fife Band

Just added this lovely GLOSS painted set from Britains to my personal collection.  I picked up this set at a bargain price on UK eBay and have always been a little 'weak' when it comes to toy soldiers bands! 

Saturday, June 25, 2017

King & Country Australian Light Horsemen & Turks

After recently dining with King & Country boss Andy Neilson I last week took delivery of these beautiful Australian Light Horse and Turkish figures which I've just unpacked and added to to one of my display cabinets.  I can already 'smell' a diorama of the charge at Beersheba and have decided to purchase a few more figures plus one of the new desert scenic mats made by JG Miniatures in the UK. 

These figures are 60mm scale and truly magnificent.  I take my hat off to Andy and his team in Hong Kong who continue to set new standards in figure design and execution.     

Friday, June 24, 2017

WETS 54mm WWI Turks ... from the painting bench tonight!

From the WETS the painting bench tonight comes an assortment of Turkish Soldiers from my WWI Gallipoli and Middle East Ranges. 

All models are available painted in GLOSS or MATT or as unassembled and unpainted kits.  Please email me for purchasing details or for a FREE copy of my latest colour catalogue:   

Arab Infantry & Regular Infantry at Gallipoli   
Infantry at Palestine
Infantry in Overcoat & Medical Orderly at Gallipoli
Heavy Artillery & Infantry in Overcoat at Gallipoli
Lancers at Palestine

New ANZAC figure by WETS ... Smoko in France!

Taking a short break from production painting, I delved into the bottomless WETS spares box and armed with my trusty soldering iron I made this simple little scene of an ANZAC taking a smoko (with his pipe) 'somewhere in France' towards the end of WWI.  A friendly village cat lies curled at his feet while he relaxes and reflects on the previous four years of the Great War.  I was happy with this simple piece and sent the masters to my production mould maker for addition to the WETS catalogue.  Stay tuned for painted pics.    


Victorian era scenes by Randy from the USA

Talented photographer and passionate toy and model soldier collector Randy produced and photographed these lovely Victorian era scenes using figures from William Britain's, William Hocker and Alexanders Toy Soldiers plus some Egyptian scenery from King & Country.  Splendid job Randy and thanks for the pics mate.

Summer in the Hamptons C.1896

The Art Critics C.1896

Touring Egypt C.1890

Thursday, June 23, 2017

70mm WWII New Zealand LRDG Trooper by Tom

Our prolific friend Tom strikes again with his 70mm clay rendition of a WWII New Zealand Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Trooper.  The Australian SAS were not formed until 1957. 

Up next from Tom are some fantasy figures he's been working on as a change to his military subject matter.    


Toms 90mm ANZAC in clay ... some better pics

Here's a few better pics of the 90mm ANZAC made by Tom from Western Australia out of air drying or self hardening modelling clay.  See Tom's earlier feature on how he made the model. 


My latest eBay purchase ... a bargain!

I recently acquired this lovely William Britain's Napoleonic North Gate set (no.00148) from UK eBay for the bargain price of 30.00 GBP! The seller is MKLMO and still has 10 x of these sets for sale at the same 'buy it now' price. The seller ships worldwide. This really is a steal as the set is beautifully detailed and comes with 6 x lovely MATT painted figures. I've since added some additional 95th Rifles and will be populating the set with a few more figures yet. 

The model would actually look very nice on one of those new scenic mats from JG Miniatures which is exactly what I might do!

EBay can be a 'buying heaven' for toy and model soldier collectors at times so keep an eye on it! If you don't yet have an eBay account my advice is to hurry up and get one. I've been buying on eBay for 10+ years and the experience has been nothing but perfect.

*If you want to get yourself one of these sets before they disappear, go to UK eBay and type in item no. 380309835518 in the search box. While you are there, check out the sellers other Britain's items which are all well below retail prices. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2017

More Australian Light Horse in 90mm by Tom

Here's a couple more pics of some Australian Light Horsemen in 90mm scale from Aussie Tom.  Tom's creations are 'one of' models he makes from self hardening modelling clay in his spare time at his home in Western Australia. 

Mounted trooper

Down but not out ... a wounded trooper 

King & Country ACW Abraham Lincoln & Union Generals

A recent purchase for my personal collection from Aussie eBay.

King & Country ACW Abraham Lincoln & Union Generals
60mm MATT

New Gallipoli ANZACS & Turks from WETS

Sculpted by UK master sculptor Alan Caton are these latest release WETS ANZACS and Turks at Gallipoli.  Pictured are the castings fresh from my mould maker and I'll post pics of the painted models and WETS catalogue reference numbers soon.

Light Horseman & Infantry Private
Turkish Infantry & Officer

New Austrian Napoleonic Cuirassiers from ATS in the UK

More new figures from prolific producer Alexanders Toy Soldiers in the UK.  These guys are Napoleonic Wars 54mm Austrian Cuirassiers painted by Nic and his team in a MATT finish, although GLOSS finish is also available.  These magnificent models were sculpted by prolific UK sculptor Alan Caton before Nic from ATS added his own touches to further enhance and bring the figures to life.  Check out the ATS website as they make some beautiful Napoleonic pieces and other items from many eras:

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