Thursday, July 28, 2017

Buck Rogers in the 21st Century by Tom

Regular contributor Tom from Perth in Western Australia decided to make something different from this month and sent me some pics of his Buck Rogers model in 60mm scale made from self hardening modelling clay.  These characters are straight out of the old comic books and movies of the same name.


Wednesday, July 27, 2017

Beersheba Diorama by Tom from Australia: Updated 27th July 2017

Tom from Perth in Western Australia sent me these pics of his fantastic 54mm scale Beersheba Diorama plus a couple of Taliban and an Aussie Digger.  Tom is a retired Australian Soldier living in Perth in Western Australia and made all the models depicted here with self hardening modelling clay.  Tom tells me he is 75 years of age and makes toy soldiers to pass the time. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2017

King & Country WWII German Panther Tank

Received this beautiful King & Country German Panther tank and crew in the post today and added it to my K&C WWII German collection.  I picked this model up on Aussie eBay for  a great price and simply couldn't resist it!  

Blue Box 54mm Romans

I was having a clean out the other day and came across these lovely Blue Box 54mm scale metal Romans I bought years ago so I added them to one of my display cabinets.  I'm not sure if these figures are still in production and from memory I think Blue Box also made ACW and WWII figures???  These guys are rather toy like in appearance but still very attractive in their own right, especially 'en masse'.    

Mounting WETS figures for painting

I've had a few emails from collectors asking me to clarify exactly how I mount my soldiers for painting.  As you can clearly see in the pics below I glue them with Superglue (the rapid setting stuff that probably has a hundred different names worldwide) to empty Humbrol Enamel paint tins.  I apply two small blobs of Superglue to each side of the tin lid and apply the figure.  The tin acts as just the right sized handle for me to grip while painting the figure (and I have big hands!) and avoids oily or dirty fingers touching the paint before the varnish is applied.  When painting is finished the figure is easily prised from the tin lid with a screwdriver or blunt knife.  I then turn the figure upside down and gently scrape off any dried glue residue with a sharp craft knife before painting the underside of the base and the figure is ready for varnishing.  It's a simple method that works for me and you could use a variety of things to mount the figures on, including small off cuts or blocks of timber or cotton reels which are an old favourite.  The mounting method also works for mounted figures too (horses and camels) but artillery is a different story!       

Monday, July 25, 2017

ACW Artillery from Luiz of Brazil

Lovely pics from Luiz of his American Civil War Confederate Artillery sets on display.  The models are made by Britains and are MATT painted.  I can almost hear those guns and smell that smoke!  

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