Friday, September 30, 2017

60mm Pirate Ship by Aussie Tom - Part IX

More Pirate Ship Crew figures made recently by Tom to populate his magnificent custom made 60mm scale Pirate Ship.  Scroll back to part one to follow Tom's progress. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WETS Boxer Rebellion Maxim Gun & Multinational Crew

Here's a few pics of the latest addition to my Boxer Rebellion Range.  It's a Maxim Machine Gun & Multinational Crew I made up a few weeks ago from the WETS spares box.     

Master figures & gun ready for moulding

Painted samples - set with French Marine Officer

Set with British Royal Welsh Fusilier Officer

I make quite a large range of 54mm figure from the Boxer Rebellion era so if you'd like a copy of my FREE and fully illustrated colour catalogue please email me and I'll send you one via email in PDF format. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday morning on the WETS workbench

Spurred on by a few customers (Luiz, Wayne & Brian), I've delved deep into the WETS spares box and created a WWI Australian (or British) artillery crew for the WETS 13 and 18 pounder field guns.  I've made the crew with separate heads so variations of head ware can be portrayed including slouch hats, service caps and even bare headed.  I've also made two versions of the sitting gunner, one wearing shorts and other in trousers and puttees, so with some head swaps different theatres of war can be represented, ie: Gallipoli, The Middle East and Europe.

Moulds will be made next week so I should have some gleaming new castings soon.  I'll post some pics of the painted crew manning the WETS 18 pounder next month.     

Latest additions to the WETS Gallipoli Range - Stretcher Bearers


Australian or British Medical Orderly @ Gallipoli C.1915

'Campaign Dress - Stretcher & First Aid Kit' 

Sun Helmet, Slouch Hat, Slouch Hat with Plume, Service Cap

or Bareheaded - Please Specify


Available painted in GLOSS or MATT or as an unpainted kit 


Saturday, September 24, 2016

60mm Pirate Ship by Aussie Tom - Part VIII

A couple more pics from Tom showing some better views of his custom made pirate ship crew.  Scroll back a few pages and see Tom's step by step guide to making a 60mm scale pirate ship and crew. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Latest addition to the WETS Gallipoli range - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk @ Gallipoli C.1915

‘Campaign Dress’

Available painted in GLOSS or MATT or as an unpainted kit 

54mm Pirates and wenches from John Eden Studios

John Eden Studios in the UK owns many of the old 54mm Rose Miniatures, HM of GB, Sanderson and Phoenix moulds and sells castings to collectors worldwide.  John doesn't list everything he produces on his website so if there's a special figure you're after contact John and he may just have it.  Here's some more great items from John's enormous inventory.  All John's figures are available as castings or fully painted in GLOSS or MATT.  Check out John Eden Studios here:

Better pics of Tom's Beersheba Diorama

A while back I posted some pics of Tom's fantastic custom made 60mm Beersheba Diorama.  Tom is back again with a couple of better pics of the model using his new digital camera.  More to come from Tom soon. 

60mm Pirate Ship by Aussie Tom - Part VII

A couple of better and clearer pics from Tom of his magnificent Pirate Ship and Crew.  Tom recently bought himself a new digital camera as the quality of his recent pics shows.  Thanks Tom.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WETS WWI Charging Australian Light Horse

Here's s few progressive pics of my charging Australian Light Horse Trooper from creation on the work to bench to the finished model. 

WETS Cat Ref No: WE-MDE-18. 

This model is available painted in GLOSS or MATT or as an unpainted kit and several arm options are available.  All Australian Light Horse Regiments are also available.       

Master figure under construction

From the mould

Head and arm variations

Assembled & undercoated

The painted & finished product (MATT version)

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